Motivation article for IAS aspirants

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Some of the top UPSC training centers in Chennai suggest samurai way of thinking for UPSC aspirants. Preparing for UPSC exams is almost equal to running a marathon. You need to spend a lot of time and be patient to understand yourself and perform well in exams. UPSC exam is the only exam that opens up lot of information. As candidates, you have to read, memorize and apply the information in right form to clear the exams.

Be a self-motivator: When you are preparing for UPSC, you have to push yourself and work beyond your limits. The more effort and hard work you put, the more it becomes achievable. Do not wait for others to motivate you. If you want to attain your goal, you need to back up ourselves. Stop procrastinating.

Do what you love:

Most people spend hours and hours watching movies since they love and enjoy that activity. Though the movie is bad, they still continue watching. The same applies to studies. If you enjoy the course you are doing, you will definitely find it easy and work hard. You would not complain that it is difficult. Do things that you enjoy. Select subjects that you are really interested. When you learn subjects that you do not find interesting, you will find the entire syllabus tough. You should not take learning as a chore.

Tell your strengths to yourself

Most times, you will think that you are not the right candidate for civil services. You may take about one year for UPSC exam preparation. During this time there are chances for you to feel low. You have to remind yourself of your strengths.

Record your progress

It is important to record your progress on a regular basis. When you feel down, you can just revise the chart. This way, you will know what you have completed and get a motivation to move ahead.

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