History of the Samurai

The History of Powerful Warriors of Old Japan

Early Modern Japan and medieval period Samurais are also known as the military Nobility officer caste. The Bhushi people of Japan was referred to the Samurais earlier. For 700 years the power of samurai was held sway over Japan. For eight hundred years, the samurais worked towards the creation of today’s Japan. Their martial art capability and services, Honor and duty makes them the Samurais.

The name “Samurai” originates from Japanese word which means to serve. It was used for describing the court administrators holding low or mid level ranking. Their title was metamorphic and refers to a Samurai’s Loyalty. It was only in the Tenth century that the governors started to offer enormous awards for service in military. The term soon gained prominence so much that it brought great pride to the samurai lineage. Here is a link to the history of the samurai sword. http://www.historyoffighting.com/samurai-sword.php .

Lion Clan Samurai - Legend of the Five RingsHow the Taira and Minamoto Fought for Power?

During the twelfth century, the Powerful military people had began to svay the powers. The Taira and Minamoto, two strong families, always stood out from the rest. They influence the Japanese politics for years to come. A civil war fought over the disputed imperial line of succession following the death of the emperor. The conflict resulted in Taira rising to form the first Samurai Led Government in the history of Japan.
The Gempai War: The Minamoto clan resumed hostilities with the taira. The war also had lasting implications for the samurai.

The Divine of Wind That Saved Japan

Wind of the Gods: As infighting of the samurais increased, so did the need of protecting Japan from the invaders. This resulted in the transformation of Samurai. Fighting continued in Japan When the warriors were to die in the hands of the enemy it was considered dishonorable. Therefore considering the code of honor, the samurais were allowed to die on their own on the battlefield.
The warring states were the period of widespread conflict. The conflict involved both physical and social among the dominant clans. The stronger families would survive. The strength of the group would depend on the way the armies are assembled with the use of modern weapons. After the entry of Chinese various other forms of firearms beganTimeline of Toyotomi Hideyoshi their entry. Soon the Samurais started producing their firearms.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi: The Napoleon of Japan

Toyotomi was the samurai who changed the course of samurai history in Japan. Through a series of successful campaigns, he asserted the right all over Japan. Soon he lost his hand to another samurai called the Ieyasu’s who lasted till the mid-nineteenth century.
Soon everything formalized resulting the end of martial arts for the samurai. They maintained the elite status almost till the eighteen hundreds before the western world took control over Entire Japan.
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