Here’s How The Books You Read Can Change Your Life!

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Samurai Awakening was a revelation of sorts. This series of books reaffirms the fact that book-lovers are not a extinct group! In fact, reading is an activity with countless benefits. Reading the right kind of books have unimaginable impacts on your personality. It does not involve any particular effort, but just interest and the proper attitude.

Let us have a look at the ways in which a good book influences you.

Reading helps to lighten your mood
Books have the magical power to give you company when you are alone. You will not feel lonely or depressed when you have an excellent book to read. A Good fiction novel takes you to another world and lets your time pass so quickly as it gets you completely immersed in it. Non-fiction always gives you some new knowledge. Whatever, the type of book is; if it is a good read, it has the ability to make you happy.

Improvement of imaginative skills
Books present before you many characters who talk and interact with you. The whole reading experience is an imagination which takes place in your mind visualising each and everything described using words. Hence undoubtedly we can say that the more you read, the more will be your imagination abilities. This may, in turn, make you a good writer also.

Influences your social behaviour
This point has got both positive and negative aspects depending on the type of books you choose to read. So, it is better not to stick to books of the same genre all the time. Fictions are the ones which creates more impact on your psychology and behaviour; so while selecting fictions, go for different categories such as romance, inspirational stories, suspense thrillers, classics, etc.


Enhances your brain activity
Researchers have proved that brain activity of those who regularly read is far better than those who read less or do not read at all. This is the reason why most of the regular readers are at an intellectually higher level than the non-readers.

Promotes multiple ways of thinking
Every individual is different, and hence there may be different opinions on the same matter. Generally, one will look at things only from their point of view. A book puts before you lot of characters, and thus you get a chance to put yourselves in their shoes and think from different perspectives.

Affects your fashion sense
Books you read have the ability to change your fashion sense. The changes will reflect in the clothes and accessories you choose. Popular books have inspired a lot of designers to come up with innovative ideas. The love for the story and characters in the book is what tempts people to follow such fashion trends. Harry Potter, Twilight, and Samurai Awakening are all examples of this fact. Samurai Awakening has made Japanese Samurai fashion a new trend in clothing and jewellery. Sites like,, etc., have come up with unique products that have been inspired by the Samurai story.

The books you read will definitely decide have an impact on your personality! So, choose your books wisely. Nowadays you get to read a lot of books from online resources such as,, etc. Make the right selections and enjoy reading!

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