Spellbinding Samurai Awakening Series Walks Away With All The Accolades

We all know about the samurai awakening series that what went on to gather accolades and even start huge fan following for the spellbinding books. And grand successes always call for a party. It is a great reason to celebrate, let the hair loose and party hard. All the hard work had paid off, and now the celebrations were conducted in full glamour and glitz. The evening saw stars descending to the event with almost all celebrity guests like Hollywood stars, top musicians, instrumentalists and all the top notch of the society making it to the event. It was a night to be remembered for a lifetime. News reporters were all over the place reporting about the success party live on the television for all the fans to have a glimpse of the event and their favorite stars.

The dreamy night was made even more special with live performances by well-known musicians and instrumental players. Live performances of top musicians and supporting instrumental music like piano, guitar, violin and mandolin performances by the maestros are a treat. The event was attended by even the political bigwigs who graced the stage with inspirational speeches and also mentioning how the samurai awakening series managed to catch their attention too even in the midst of heavy work schedules. The event was organized by the top event organizer Kiyoh who never left a stone unturned in making the event grandiose and perfect.

Top Notch Arrangements At Samurai Awakening Series Success Party
Another specialty of the samurai awakening series’ success party was the top notch arrangements made to treat the guests. Each intricate detail was paid attention, and the hosts made sure every guest left the party with high spirits, fully satisfied and happy. The food was of top class quality and was exclusively prepared for the event by five-star chefs. There were separate chefs to manage each department of food served, continental, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Italian, Caribbean and American. Top class pastry chefs prepared lip-smacking desserts, cakes, puddings and exclusive sweets to be served after dinner. The guests even received a box of specially made swiss chocolates to be taken back home along with a bouquet of flowers and thank you card.

Special anchors and celebrity artists were seen hosting the event and entertaining the guests. A red carpet was laid at the entrance area, and each guest was interviewed by celebrity anchors. The interview was telecasted live on tv by all top television channels. Photos were clicked like crazy as it seemed as if it is a night where all the stars decided to descend from the sky and grace the occasion. The celebrities appeared in stylish and out of the world designer attires designed by celebrity costume designers.

Flower Table Decorations Stole The Limelight At The Celebration Night

Another eye-catchy specialty of the event venue was the way the whole place was decked up in mesmerizing floral decorations. Exclusive flower table decorations made the whole place look exquisite and unique. Each table had a crystal vase filled with rare floral designs. Even the whole place was decorated with pink, yellow and white floral designs. The subtle yet royal colors made the place look elegant and stylish. Even some of the celebrity guests were seen enquiring about the floral arrangements.

There was a special section for drinks alone at the event. All types of drinks were served in plenty. Fresh fruit juices were prepared on the spot and served. Cocktails, mocktails, beer, specially prepared wines, Pimms, smoothies, sangria, margaritas and fruity ice waters were served in plenty. Ice cubes containing edible flowers and crystal crockeries decorated with name tags and pretty straws made the guests look twice at the arrangements with awe.

Another particularity of the event was that not even a morsel of food or drinks was wasted. All the leftover food and drinks were handed over to charity organizations right after the event. The event organizers were very particular about no food wastage policy. As the event was grand and had a wide spread of delicacies, anyone would have been saddened to see a lot of food is wasted or thrown away after the event. Fortunately, the organizers planned beforehand and contacted charity homes beforehand and made sure all the poor kids went to sleep that night with their tummies full.

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