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Announcing Betrayal

The next sequel in the award winning Samurai Awakening series is now available.

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Where once warriors protected Japan,

rising darkness echoes through the land.

For over one hundred years, there have been no Jitsugen Samurai. People have forgotten the truth of old stories and traditions were lost. Now, with evil returning from abroad, the gods of Japan remember their old pacts. Only a true warrior can stop the return of things best left forgotten.

Bound by their nature, the Kami cannot stand against evil alone. They need help. Join them on the True Samurai's path in Samurai Awakening.

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This is the official site for the Samurai Awakening Series. Author Benjamin Martin's exciting debut Samurai Awakening is now available from Tuttle Publishing! Join David Matthews as he struggles to understand Japan and find a place for himself among the secret legends of Japan's past. Here you'll find more information on Japan, the stories, and future works by the author.

Don't miss the sequel to the novel booklist called, "an imaginative take on the triumph of the underdog." Revenge of the Akuma Clan is now available world wide!

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What's a Jitsugen Samurai?

In Japan, 実現 (jitsugen) means "to become true." A Jitsugen Samurai is one who strives for the real essence of the old warrior spirit, and is the name adopted by the eighth Emperor's court to refer to the secret warriors who awaken when Japan is threatened. Over the centuries, their stories have been lost or hidden. Until now.